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The talent point of the College is entitled to use the title Accredited Distinguished Talent Point of the National Talent Support Council in its public documents. Certificate 2011 and Certificate 2014 can be viewed by clicking on the links.
Our introduction at the  Hungarian EU Presidential Conference on Talent Support and European Talent Day in Budapest, 7-9 April, 2011 by Dr. Katalin Gambár can be accessed by clicking on the link.
The Talent Point on the website of the National Talent Support Council


Specific Programs of the Talent Point

  • We organised the so called ABAKUSZ competition for programmers in order to identify talents in 2008. 
  • We accommodated the First Hungarian Talent Support Professional Conference on 22nd February, 2008, in which we presented the work of Dennis Gabor Talent Point and provided an opportunity for our identified and supported talents to introduce themselves.
  • Dennis Gabor Talent Point organised the Workshop for Information Technology Teachers together with MIKE (Hungarian ILIAS Community Association) and ISZE (Information Technology-Computing Teachers’ Association) on 26th January 2012.
  • On 7th December, 2010 we organised DGC Genius Talent Day
  • We created a website to promote effective and open communication on the website of Dennis Gabor College and on  DGC ILIAS.
  • We started an online newsletter and inform other talent points about our student workshops and programs.
  • We have built an active partnership with other talent points.
  • We systematically operate our active tutor and mentor system. We design specialised curricula according to students’ personal interests and needs. We support interdisciplinary student activities.
  • We create research workshops for young IT specialists, in which each topic connected to the research areas of the college institutes is explored under the supervision of our full-time teachers. The result of the work is summarised in a research report on the topic which is defended in a so-called in-house workshop dispute before going on to publication or a conference presentation. The workshops are in a professional competition with each other.
  • Our College operates Scientific Student Associations (TDK) providing funding and ethical support. Preparation work is part of our teachers’ performance evaluation. We invite leading professors into the jury of the conferences. 
  • Our successful students are delegated to the National Scientific Student Associations’ Conference and various professional conferences. Our young researchers in student status also participate in the research symposium called Day of Science.
  • Our student workshops are based on students’ needs and requests. The workshops are open to students and teachers of other schools as well. Collaborative creation and project work take the leading roles in these workshops. 
  • The workshops enter competitions, we also support individual submissions to tenders.
  • The workshops regularly present their work and the members’ creations and research on events and conferences organised by our college and other institutions.
  • The Talent Point holds an open day at the beginning of each academic year on which the student workshops introduce themselves, recruit new members and some of our recent college graduates make extraordinary presentations on their research work.
  • At the end of each academic year we organise a so-called in-house gala on which the student workshops present the work they have completed through the academic year and their creations.
  • We inspire the workshop members to continue their workshop activities in writing their dissertation on the given topic and to enter the in-house Scientific Student Associations Conference.
  • The professors of our college and the head teachers of the student workshops hold extraordinary classes for secondary school students on their fields of science.
  • The rector of the College awards the Prize for College Talent Support (TESZ prize) biannually to three professors or teachers who have done an outstanding job over the past two years in the service of the Talent Point. The Prize was first awarded at the opening ceremony of the academic year 2014/2015.


Representative and contact person

Ms Antónia Berecz 
address:  1119 Budapest, Mérnök utca 39.
e-mail:  berecz@gdf.hu
telephone: +361203-0304 extention 1251 


Cooperation with other talent support organisations


Summary of Dennis Gabor Talent Point (DGTP) website on the website of Dennis Gabor College (DGC)

(www.gdf.hu / Szervezet » GD Tehetségpont »)


In the following picture, the Talent Point menu can be seen expanded on the main menu of Dennis Gabor College homepage.
The area of Dennis Gabor Talent Point can be found under the main menu item Szervezet (Organisation) on the home page of DGC.
  • On the first page, entitled Bemutatkozunk in Hungarian, and on the next page in English entitled Introduction we provide an overview on our talent point: about being an accredited distinguished talent point, about or specific programs, our contact data, cooperation with other talent support organisations, the aims and activities of our talent point.
  • At the third menu item entitled Aktualitások (News) we continuously provide information on the most important events in the life of our talent point (such as about the staring student workshops at the beginning of each semester, tenders won, the in-house gala events opening and ending each academic year, further events where we expect wide audience, for example Day of Science, conferences with the participation of partner talent points, etc.).
  • The next menu item, Partnereink (Partners) presents the talent points (with their logos, short description, links and photos) with which we have made a cooperation agreement. Cooperation includes, among other things, sharing our good practices with each other, participating in events organised by the partner talent points and a collaborative development of our students.
  • At the menu item entitled Diákműhelyek (Student workshops) you can find the introduction of and reports about the currently operating student workshops. The documentation of their activities (such as presenting each session, results reached, participation in DGC events as presenter or host) can be viewed on the public pages of DGC ILIAS e-learning platform.
  • The last menu item is the presentation of the TESZ-Díj, i.e. the Prize for College Talent Support, which was founded by the rector on 30th March, 2014 to acknowledge work performed in our talent point. The Prize was first awarded to recognize the successful operation of the five-year-old Dennis Gabor Talent Point in September, 2014. After that date the prize can be awarded biannually. The prize can be awarded to not more than three colleagues at a time. The Prize includes an honorary certificate of excellence, the silver medal of the College and cash award.